About Us

The Origin of Nobis Products

The Nobis Products founders are manufacturers of concrete septic tanks and water tanks.

They had found it difficult to source good quality products and components for their tanks at a reasonable price with a consistent supply and so they decided to source their own range of better products. There was an initial need to reduce the risk of worker injury which led to the production of the lightweight tank covers. The composite resin tank covers are stronger and lighter than steel covers.

A number of manufacturers were visited and quality audited and then approved to manufacture for Nobis Products. Some new products were designed and moulds commissioned. Many of the uPVC and composite resin products are unique to Nobis Products and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

To assist with Quality Assurance accreditation wherever necessary the products comply with AS/NZS1546.1:2008 Small Septic Tanks. For example, each consignment of steel fibre is tensile strength tested and a tensile strength certificate is supplied with every delivery.

If you consider that any of the products are suitable for a completely new use, please contact us, as we may be able to modify the product for your particular use.

After almost 30 years’ experience working in the septic tank industry Nobis Products staff consider that they can supply the correct product, on time, every time at a value for money price.

If you are not completely satisfied with any Nobis Product after receiving it or using it, we will refund your money and take back the goods where possible. Refunds are limited to a claim being received within seven days of delivery of the products.