Lightweight, Watertight Access Cover and Turret

Suitable for Underground Tanks

The Nobis lightweight access cover and turret can be cast into any concrete tank lid or screwed/bolted to any plastic, steel or fibreglass tank. The cover has a water tight seal and is secured by three stainless steel bolts. It provides a clear 600mm opening into the tank. The cover weighs 9.5kgs and can withstand a load of 1.5 tonnes or a force of 15kN. It is suitable for light traffic areas.

Nobis covers and turrets are made of a composite material of fibreglass and special resin that is moulded at high temperature and high pressure. The manufacturing process changes the molecular structure of the material to produce a very high strength light weight product.

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composite access cover and turret


Features Benefits
Watertight seal Prevents the ingress of surface water
Lightweight access cover – weighs only 9.5kgs. 600mm clear opening to tank. On a weight for weight comparison it is stronger than steel. Avoids any OH & S problems of lifting concrete or cast iron covers. Supports three times the requirement of AS/NZS1546.1:2008 Septic tanks
Able to support a 1.5tonne load The cover will deflect and then return to its original shape
Turret height can be increased in 150mm increments The tank can be placed lower into the ground to provide better inlet grades with the access cover position maintained at ground level
Corrosion resistant Cannot rust
Does not expand or contract with hot or cold weather
Lockable Prevents unauthorised access
Safety minded Do not leave open tank unattended’ is moulded into cover
Can be customised Company names and logos can be moulded on to the cover
Standard colour – grey Matches concrete colour, other colours available