The Benefits of Using Steel Concrete Fibres for Reinforcement (And Where to Find What You Need in Sydney)

Concrete fibres—or rather, steel fibres meant for concrete reinforcement—are among the most popular products we carry at Nobis Products. Used for the strong reinforcement of precast concrete structures, concrete fibre is popular among builders, householders, plumbers and other trade professionals whose jobs involve casting and reinforcing concrete structures. In particular, our products are popular among companies that cast septic tanks or other kinds of durable reinforced concrete tanks.

Why Concrete Fibre Is a Preferred Manufacturing Material

When it comes to reinforcing concrete, there are several different ways of doing it. Some projects use steel mesh for concrete reinforcement. Others use steel bars. Concrete fibres are another way of reinforcing precast concrete and provide several clear advantages for builders and concrete pre-casters. Some of these benefits are the same as you would expect to see from other concrete reinforcing techniques. Others are unique to steel fibres. Read on to learn a bit more about these perks.

  • Random Orientation: One of the biggest advantages to using concrete fibre for reinforcement (instead of steel mesh or bars) is the random orientation of the fibres. When steel fibres are put into a precast concrete mould, they have the freedom to position themselves in whatever direction they want. This freedom creates a unique three-dimensional reinforcement. With mesh or bars, the reinforcement is two-dimensional, concentrated all across a slab of concrete but all on the same layer. By spreading all throughout a slab of concrete, steel fibre provides stronger and fuller reinforcement.
  • Ease of Use: Using concrete fibres for a casting project provides unrivalled ease of use. Placing reinforcement mesh or bars in a concrete cast requires handling, support and other manual labour. Fibres, since they are allowed to position themselves randomly in the concrete, are not nearly as work intensive. This ease of use helps make concrete fibre a more affordable solution and also helps to make it safer than bars or mesh.
  • Excellent Crack Resistance: One of the goals of any concrete reinforcement technique is to prevent cracks or at least control their widths. Because concrete fibres can be anywhere in a concrete cast, they tend to hold cracks together more tightly and reliably. In other words, while bars and mesh also help to improve the structural and tensile strength of concrete, fibres arguably do the job in a more effective fashion.
  • Where to Find Concrete Fibre in Sydney

    If you are looking for a supplier of steel concrete fibres in Sydney, look no further than Nobis Products. Though we can arrange deliveries to any address in Australia, we are based in Smeaton Grange , NSW—just an hour south-west of Sydney. If you order concrete fibre in Sydney, we can get it to you quickly.

    If you’ve used mesh or bars for concrete reinforcement in the past, but haven’t seen the results you wanted, try concrete fibre in Sydney. You’ll be able to experience the benefits listed above for yourself. Call Nobis Products on 1300 794 633 if you have any questions.