Choosing the Right Fibres for Concrete Reinforcement: Knowing What to Look For

Steel fibre is arguably the best material for concrete reinforcement. Because fibres can mix with concrete more uniformly than bars or mesh, they provide superior crack control, shear strength, impact resistance and overall concrete toughness. But how can you know that the reinforcing fibres you are purchasing for your next concrete project are up to par? Read on below for a list of some of the features you should look for as you shop for the best reinforcement fibres on the market.

Factors That Make for Great Fibre Reinforcement for Concrete

  • Crimped and deformed design: Crimped and deformed fibres are the best for concrete reinforcement, for a number of different reasons. First off, the deformed nature of a steel fibre helps it bond mechanically with the concrete. This bonding helps improve strength and performance of the reinforced concrete. Secondly, crimped fibres are best for distributing their reinforcing strength throughout the concrete on a uniform basis. This uniformity is essential for reaping the benefits that fibre concrete reinforcement is supposed to provide.
  • Non-balling guarantee: When shopping for fibre reinforcement for concrete, look for a company that will guarantee fibres that won’t ‘ball’ during mixing. Balls or bunches of steel in concrete provide no real benefits, but some cheaper steel fibres can bend and ball during mixing.
  • Compliant with relevant standards: Reinforcing fibres for concrete that are designed and manufactured to meet a certain regulatory standard will offer more consistency in quality than fibres that aren’t. More consistency, in turn, dictates stronger and more uniform performance. Having fibres that are pre-made to meet standards will also help you pass audits for quality assurance.
  • Proof of tensile strength: Speaking of audits, you may be required to prove the tensile strength of your concrete for an auditor. A company that provides you with certificates authenticated the tensile strength of a steel fibre batch will help you avoid some of the headaches of an audit.

Why Nobis Products Is the Best Place to Find Steel Fibres in Australiah

At Nobis Products, we can satisfy all four of the categories listed above. Our fibre reinforcements for concrete are crimped and deformed to provide maximum bonding and uniformity. All fibres are designed so that they won’t ball during concrete mixing, and we even offer a refund policy if your fibres fail to do their job.

As for national standards, we have roots in the septic tank industry and all our fibres for concrete reinforcement are therefore designed to comply with AS/NZS 1541.1: 2008. All septic tanks, collection wells, collection tanks and water tanks used in Australia or New Zealand have to comply with this regulation. Our fibres can help them reach compliance. We also provide certificates of tensile strength with each fibre batch, so that you can give that information to your auditor.

Don’t settle for fibre concrete reinforcement that won’t offer the kind of performance you need. Instead, rely on Nobis Products for better fibre reinforcement for concrete in Australia. Call us on 1300 794 633 to learn more.