Looking for Steel Fibres That Can Be Used in Concrete? Trust a Brand with a Proven Reputation and an Outstanding Client Retention Streak

If you are shopping for steel fibres that can be used in concrete reinforcement, the chances are that you already know about the numerous clear benefits that fibre reinforcement can provide. Unlike steel mesh or bars—other common techniques for concrete reinforcement—fibres have the ability to spread uniformly throughout the concrete. That uniform spread delivers uniform reinforcement in three dimensions—something that no other concrete reinforcement method can provide. The results include better tensile strength, improved crack resistance, stronger impact resistance and more.

Nobis Products: Your Source for Fibres for Concrete

If you want to use fibres in your next concrete tank or floor—instead of mesh or bars—count on a company that has been selling them reliably for years. At Nobis Products, we have been a go-to source for steel concrete fibres since 2009. However, our actual industry history dates back even further.

In 2009, Nobis Products took over the non-retail arm of BioSeptic Pty Ltd. BioSeptic still exists today and is celebrating 30 years in business this fall. However, BioSeptic—a company that has always been dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of concrete tanks and wastewater treatment systems—saw the value of a company that would source concrete tank components in Australia. Thus, BioSeptic’s non-retail arm became Nobis Products, a business that has spent the years since providing high-quality tank components and materials to numerous clients and industries throughout the country.

How Nobis Products Became an Industry Fixture

When BioSeptic decided to separate its two divisions in 2009, it did so knowing how hard it was to find quality tank components—like fibre for concrete or PVC valves and inlets—in Australia. There was a need in the marketplace for a company that would specialise in just those products. Seven years later, it’s clear that the need for such a business was even more pronounced than BioSeptic. At Nobis Products, we have retained every single one of our clients since 2009 (as well as accumulating new ones along the way). Our customers not only appreciate the quality of our products, but they also enjoy the personal service, prompt delivery and other benefits that we can provide.

For instance, our clients appreciate that we can fulfil an urgent interstate order within 24 hours. If you need fibres for a concrete casting project tomorrow, just place an order and let us know. We will do what we can to get the order to you in 24 hours or less. If we can’t get the materials to you on time, we are happy to offer a refund.

Another huge benefit of working with Nobis Products is that our fibres in concrete are manufactured with national standards in mind. Because of our three decades in the septic tank industry, we know all about the relevant national standards that all tanks must meet. As such, our components are manufactured to comply with the AS/NZS1546.1 regulation. We will even supply you with the paperwork to prove that our fibre for concrete is compliant so that you can pass an audit.

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