Are you Seeking Steel Fibres for Concrete or Using Fibre to Build? Buy Your Fibers from Nobis Products

Putting up a good building is hard work, and many different facilities need to be made with no mistakes whatsoever if the final product is going to be useable. One important feature of many homes, offices and other buildings across Australia is the septic tank, which collects waste from buildings not connected to main sewage pipes and allows it to decompose over time with the help of bacteria. Septic tanks are typically located underground, which means that they need to be made from sturdy materials to prevent the earth from caving in on their contents. Concrete is naturally the best material in the construction of septic tanks, due to its availability and relative ease of use as a material for building.

However, concrete alone may not always be strong enough to construct a high quality septic tank, and in these cases, it’s essential for builders and plumbers to go over their options for reinforcement. Reinforcing concrete is always a good idea, but it’s especially important when you’re building a tank since all tanks in Australia must be accredited to AS/NZS1546.1 and their components are required to comply with that standard. There are several options available, but one of the very best is using steel fibre in concrete since it helps your concrete resist cracking much more effectively than other methods. While containing a uniform distribution of randomly oriented fibres throughout the material, steel fiber reinforced concrete is stronger and safer than using either steel mesh or bars, and now you can easily obtain steel fiber for your concrete by getting in touch with Nobis Products.

Nobis Products began as the non-retail branch of BioSeptic Pty Ltd, a company that has been selling concrete tanks and other waste treatment solutions to builders, plumbers and households since 1993. In 2009, however, the two businesses separated so that Nobis Products could focus exclusively on selling to professionals in the concrete tank industry, and we’ve never looked back since. With exceptional products and prompt, reliable service, Nobis Products is your best bet for finding steel fibres for your concrete, no matter where in Australia you happen to be.

Use Steel Fibers for Your Concrete and Save Time

Purchasing concrete reinforced with steel fibers isn’t just a safer option than mesh or steel bars—it also saves you the time of installing such antiquated and less efficient safety measures. You don’t want to spend extra time to do something when there’s a faster way to do it that yields better results—especially not when you have a busy schedule to maintain. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s a better way to reinforce your concrete, because there isn’t. Steel fibres are truly the most reliable way to get your concrete as strong as it can be in as little time as possible.

Years of Industry Experience

Our time with BioSeptic taught us everything there is to know about concrete tanks, so we are aware exactly of what you should be using when you build one, and we’re happy to recommend materials. For steel fiber you can count on, just contact Nobis Products today by phone or through this website. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to build the best tank in your area.