Steel Fibres for Fibre Reinforced Concrete? Find Quality Fiber in Sydney Here

Working in the plumbing or building industries can be hard, especially when you’re working in areas not connected to main sewage lines. It’s one thing to hook up a home or office building to existing sewage lines, but it’s quite another to install a separate septic tank entirely, and when faced with a challenge like that it’s essential that you use the right building materials. For instance, many septic tanks near Sydney and in other parts of Australia are made using concrete, which is a highly popular material due to its availability.

However, concrete alone is unlikely to make for a septic tank that complies with all the rules and regulations set out by AS/NZS1546.1, which outlines the industry standards for safety and quality. For this reason, it’s highly advisable that you use reinforced concrete for your tank and its component parts, but this still presents a dilemma: how best to strengthen your concrete? The predominant choice across the industry seems to be steel, but even so, there are different ways to use it and some are more reliable than others. Some people use steel mesh or steel beams to reinforce their concrete, but there’s a faster and safer way to go; with steel fibre concrete. Sydney residents have excellent access to steel fiber for concrete too, since Sydney is home to a company focused exclusively on providing products and services for the concrete tank industry.

Nobis Products first formed in 2009 as the non-retail sales branch of BioSeptic Pty Ltd, a company that has operated since 1993 to sell concrete tanks and waste treatment systems. Eventually separating to cater specifically to professionals and businesses in the concrete tank industry, Nobis Products now serves a significant and diverse number of clients seeking high-quality steel fibres for concrete in Sydney and other tank-related products. Our solutions will save you time and improve the quality of your designs. Read on to discover why so many are choosing Nobis Products for their concrete tanks today.

Steel Fibres for Concrete in Sydney Delivered Fast

We don’t waste time at Nobis Products, and you shouldn’t have to either. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to making sure that you get all your steel fiber and other products from us on time. If you’re in Sydney, you can expect delivery quickly and predictably. Even if you live out of state and need a rush order, we can usually get it to you within 24 hours. We know that your job won’t wait, and when you get your concrete fibre from us, it won’t have to.

Steel Fibre You Can Trust

With our years of industry experience for both retail and non-retail markets, and our full compliance with all pertinent legal regulations, you can trust our steel fiber to be robust and reliable. We also provide the necessary documentation for QA audits, so that you can be fully confident in the quality of your purchase. Call us now or visit us online to learn more about the advantages of our steel fiber for concrete and other products.