Get Tensile Records for Your Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Whether you are casting concrete for septic tanks, a concrete factory floor or any other precast concrete structure, having the best steel fibres for concrete reinforcement is a must. In many cases, precast concrete projects are required to prove that the fibre has a minimum tensile strength.

If your enterprise has a quality assurance audit coming up and you need to prove the tensile strength of your concrete structures, then you will be glad to have used steel fibres from Nobis Products. We sell crimped and hook end steel fibre, ideal for steel fibre reinforced concrete or precast projects Our steel fibres provide outstanding strength to precast concrete. Best of all, they do it without the fixing time that is normally necessary if you are using steel mesh or support bars. Overall, fibres are easier to use than bars or mess, and safer to boot.

Pass Your Quality Assurance Audit, with Steel Fibres for Concrete Reinforcement

Not only are the steel fibres from Nobis Products ideal for concrete reinforcement projects because they are safer and easier to use than bars or mesh, but they are also preferable as these fibres have tensile strength certificates for every batch to help you through a quality assurance audit.. One of the factors that sets Nobis Products apart from other companies is that we supply tensile strength certificates when required with every batch of fibre that we sell and ship. If you need a certificate of batch tensile strength, just let us know. We will include the certificate with your shipment so that you can present it to your auditor when you need to prove tensile strength.

We have been operating since 2009, but our origins date back 30 years, to the beginnings of BioSeptic Pty Ltd. BioSeptic is a long-time trusted manufacturer of septic tanks, and though our steel fibres have an array of possible uses, concrete casting for septic tanks is one of their most common applications.

At Nobis Products, our steel fibres for reinforced concrete are designed to meet Australian Standards for septic tanks. Our fibres have been approved and used by companies who are manufacturing precast concrete septic tanks under Australian Standard AZ/NZS 1546.1:2008. This standard requires a minimum tensile strength of 600mpa. Nobis Products fibres have a mimimum tensile of 650mpa.

Learn More about Nobis Products and Our Steel Fibre Today

Do you have any questions about Nobis Products or our steel fibres for reinforced concrete? Do you need a certificate of tensile strength to pass a quality assurance audit? Regardless of your reinforced concrete needs, feel free to give us a call to ask about our products. You can reach us on 1300 794 633.