Trying to Get Your Hands-on Steel Fibre? Find Fibres for delivery anywhere in Australia Here:

Here’s the big question, though: where can you find high-quality steel fibres? After all, you also want to deliver your product on time, and still comply with the necessary quality assurance requirements One of the best ways to get your steel fibre in Sydney is through Nobis Products. An associated company of BioSeptic Pty Ltd. Whereas BioSeptic has been selling concrete tanks and aerated wastewater treatment systems to householders, plumbers and builders since 1993, Nobis Products began in 2009 with the goal of selling concrete tank components exclusively to concrete tank manufacturers. We manufacture specific components for the concrete tank industry, including steel fibre, so that you can consistently use high-quality materials with all your tanks.

Quick Delivery for Your Steel Fibres

We understand that you don’t always have much time to lose, so we do our best at Nobis Products to get your steel fibres or other concrete tank components to you right away. Our clients have come to rely on us for quick delivery in a wide variety of scenarios—even when it comes to filling an interstate order in 24 hours. With expedient service like this, it’s no wonder that industry leaders on tight schedules continue to trust Nobis Products.

Get Your Fibre in Time for Quality Assurance Audits

Don’t waste a moment the next time you’re in the market for steel fibres. Trust Nobis Products to get you the materials you need in plenty of time or to finish a job well ahead of schedule. Call us today or visit us online for more information. We’re looking forward to strengthening your business.